Ben Stokes
Ben Stokes
England all-rounder Ben Stokes is in the summit of his profession because of the World Cup this past year. Whatever he’s touching is turning to gold for the Brits (besides captaincy introduction ). The next Test against West Indies was just another illustration of his supremacy since he scored 254 runs in 2 innings and picked three wickets with them arriving at the perfect time for England. Without a doubt, he’s a brilliant all-rounder. However, that which he did on the last day reported on his fitness and dedication to the match. The episode happened in 43rd within their innings when Ben Stokes was at the center of a very long spell. The hosts were defeated as a result of a stubborn de.
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Together with six more wickets necessary for success, Joe Root had put an attacking field with nobody in mid-on. Sensing an opportunity to make a border, Blackwood went to the back foot to punch a trunk of a distance delivery from Stokes down the floor. Without a fielder there, the ball has been rushing towards the border, and many bowlers would not have thought of running behind the ball. However, Ben Stokes decided to field the ball sprinted that he was able to block the shot before touching the borderline. It was an exceptional effort from him in an eighth of the spell. Interestingly, following such a heroic attempt, Stokes broke the venture bouncing Blackwood out at the same over.

How the fans reacted to his commitment:

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