Sharjeel Khan: The 2020 variant of this Pakistan Super League saw tainted swashbuckling opener Sharjeel Khan create a comeback to competitive cricket after serving his time off from the game as a result of his participation in the PSL spot-fixing scandal. The southpaw is starting with Babar Azam for its Karachi Kings. Sharjeel racked up an unbeaten 151-run-stand using Azam at Karachi’s league-stage game against Lahore Qalandars in which the southpaw shellacked the opposition bowlers into the song of 74 (not-out) oFf 59 balls. This inning includes five sixes and as many fours.
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Talking on his official YouTube station, Shoaib Akhtar criticized Khan for not using the free time to work on his fitness and reckoned he Wants to shed his fat stomach.’ “Although Sharjeel scored fifty, he was likewise dropped. He’s so much ability, but he wants to shed his belly fat and get healthy. He had about six months by the time that he got chosen for PSL [to get healthy ]. He’s so much time that he wants to use to become lean and ready for fielding.” Shoaib said. The Rawalpindi Express also advocated Sharjeel to indicate his fielders and execute his shots in his powerful zone. Akhtar considers that when Sharjeel can do that, then they are no larger batsman compared to him in Pakistan “Plush wants to indicate his fielders while batting and then perform shots within his powerful zone. After he does this, there isn’t a larger batsman compared to him in Pakistan. It was great to see him one of the runs,” Akhtar added. “Sharjeel must boost his fitness. He looks obese and unfit. Babar Azam appeared frustrated at different times with Sharjeel’s running,” Ramiz explained. Rameez also reckoned that Sharjeel should work hard on his fitness because his inability to carry singles won’t assist him in developing any kind of rhythm to his batting. “He wants to understand he can not rely on just fours and sixes. His batting demands rhythm, which can come through accepting singles, therefore he wants to work much on his fitness.” Follow us  Facebook


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