Ben Dunk
Ben Dunk
Ben Dunk is a famous man in Pakistan at this time. His casual bubble-blowing off while hammering the opposition bowlers at will has made him an instant celebrity, and Pakistanis can not get enough of these memes. To top it off, Chadwick Walton caught him by the legs into their Karachi vs. Lahore game to give lots of stuff to its meme lords.
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His signature bubble-blowing design has given rise to some new Ben Dunk bubble gum challenge.   Peshawar Zalmi fast bowler, Hasan Ali, has tried the new challenge and neglected, reasonably much.   After him, lovers also have begun participating in the struggle, and from the appearance of it, we’ve got a winner. Haris Iqbal, a Twitter user, shared an image of him blowing off a huge bubble, and he’s managed to impress none other than Ben Dunk himself. Here Is What the Australian batsman mentioned about Haris’s effort: Follow us  Facebook


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