Javed Miandad
Javed Miandad
Javed Miandad’s advised junior Akmal to forego his economical antics and better his behavior if he wants to represent Pakistan. Javed Miandad’s tirade is fueled by the recent episodes where Akmal confronted suspension from PSL on corruption charges and has been included in an indecent controversy in National Cricket Academy (NCA) about his physical fitness test a month.
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Addressing Akmal within his movie, Miandad said: I’m warning you on behalf of my late buddy that you better fix your ways or I will hold you liable on behalf of Qadir. Suggesting the 29-year-old to concentrate on his profession, former Pakistan trainer stated that Umar shouldn’t run after easy money. You can watch Javed Miandad complete message video here: He requested Umer Akmal’s Father and Mother to control their son. You may make as much money out of cricket, however, every now and then, you indulge in these economical antics, which can be improper. “With these inexpensive antics, you’re defaming your nation and Pakistan’s former cricketers. Everybody is condemning you, and you’re causing injury to a cricket career”, he added.
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Miandad claimed that cricket makes you cash but also provides you respect, indicating Akmal enhances his behavior. Respect everyone, and play decent cricket to don global colors. Follow us  Facebook


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