NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND - JUNE 03: Sarafaz Ahmed of Pakistan congratulates bowler Shoaib Malik after claiming the wicket of Ben Stokes of England during the Group Stage match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 between Pakistan and England at Trent Bridge on June 03, 2019 in Nottingham, England. (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)
Pakistan team

How Pakistan will not qualify for the semi-finals

The continuous World Cup is at its crest right now with the three semi-last spots still available to all. Britain losing to Sri Lanka and Australia has opened up the competition totally. Even as Pakistan has additionally increased their game at the ideal time. As things stand. Australia have fixed their place in the main four while New Zealand and India additionally look the top choices to endure. Most likely, there will be a tussle for the fourth spot between England. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The Men dressed in Green have returned firmly in the wake of losing to India on June 16. They initially vanquished South Africa easily and afterward Babar Azam drove the 238-run precarious pursue in Birmingham. A day or two ago for Pakistan to keep them alive. Despite everything they have to win both their residual matches and trust in a few outcomes to go their approach to fit the bill for the semi-finals.  

Pakistan to confront Afghanistan and Bangladesh

The above all else thing needs to do is to beat Afghanistan and Bangladesh to try and stand an opportunity of making it to the best four. Strangely, Sarfaraz Ahmed and his men have the most effortless of apparatuses when contrasted with different groups battling. While England have India and New Zealand to confront, Bangladesh should beat India at any expense to make their match against Pakistan a do or bite the dust experience. New Zealand are additionally not through to the semis in spite of having 11 to their name. Their misfortune against Pakistan has placed them in a touch of spot as the Kiwis should win one of the two matches to affirm their capability. In any case, regardless of whether they don’t win, the Black Caps can proceed with a couple of their outcomes going their direction. In the interim, with all the emphasis on Pakistan imitating their 1992 World Cup, there is as yet a plausibility that they may not qualify in spite of winning both their residual matches. Or maybe there are numerous situations of that incident and Pakistan will require a decent amount of karma to make a knockout appearance in Birmingham or Manchester. Here’s the manner by which Pakistan will get thumped out in spite of winning both their matches:


Pakistan needs to win both their residual matches against Afghanistan and Bangladesh

Situation 1

Britain win both their residual matches. India win two of their outstanding matches. New Zealand win one of their last two matches. For this situation, England will finish up with 12 while India and New Zealand will get to 13 points and these three groups alongside Australia will battle it out for the magnificence. Pakistan will be thumped out with 11 to their name.

Situation 2

Sri Lanka win their staying three matches. India win two of their residual matches. New Zealand win one of their last two matches. Britain lose both their matches. For this situation, Sri Lanka will finish up with 12 points and India and New Zealand will have 13 to their name. These three groups will proceed while Pakistan will miss the mark.     For More Click Here    


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