Pakistan have dropped most catches KL Rahul drops a catch of Shadab Khan The old saying of ‘Gets win matches’ still applies. with brilliant conviction with regards to winning cricket matches. Be that as it may, not groups are submitting to this in the continuous ICC World Cup 2019. Previous heroes Pakistan, for example. Have done awfully in verifying gets in their five matches played up until now. (one was washed out) as they let go 14 of them. The most astounding for any side in this competition.

Pakistan have dropped most catches

Sarfaraz Ahmed’s side plays New Zealand in a vital game at Edgbaston on Wednesday. For they should win the experience to remain important in the challenge. Be that as it may, in spite of the fact that Pakistan pounded South Africa in their last game at Lord’s. Winning against a ground-breaking New Zealand who are yet to drop a game in this competition. Won’t be simple. Surely not in the event that they continue spilling the adversary batsmen’s lives.

England drooped 12 catches

Britain are at No.2 spot with 12 drops which went up to 13 after James Vince dropped an opportunity against Australia. None of the rest of the 10 sides have spilled gets in two-digit figures. At that point there is the group that sits over the focuses table New Zealand. The Kiwis for the most part considered an awesome handling side have dropped 9 gets in this competition up until now.

India have dropped just one catch up until now

The best group as far as getting in this World Cup has been India who have spilled just one of every four matches (one was relinquished). The Indian defender who demonstrated to be margarine fingered on one   event was KL Rahul in then side, Afghanistan. Despite the fact that they haven’t figured out how to win any matches in the ICC occasion, the group has worked admirably and grassed just two or three shots. Returning to Pakistan, the side has previous New Zealand cricketer Grant Bradburn as their handling mentor however their trashy presentation will out him under the scanner. He had taken over in September a year ago from Australian Steve Rixon. South Africa has additionally been commonly a decent handling unit, however this time around nothing appeared to work for them. They’re thumped out of the competition having dropped 8 gets.     World Cup 2019: Pakistan have dropped most catches in the tournament so far, India least     For More interesting news related Cricket Click here    


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